ESi's products fire investigation team works with our clients early-on in investigations potentially involving their products to gather evidence to protect their best interests. 

Our team includes mechanical, electrical, chemical, and materials engineers, fire investigators, and technicians - all who have experience in analyzing the causes and effects of fires and explosions, in addition to having experience in analyzing product failures. Since the team is distributed across our locations around the country, we are able to deploy experts to the site of any incident, domestic or international, within hours, to begin the process of safely gathering and preserving evidence and collecting data. We use the latest technology to document the scene thoroughly and accurately through photographs, videos, 3D imaging, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones).

As the investigation progresses, ESi has fully equipped laboratories for conducting artifact examinations, burn testing and explosion analyses, product testing, and other specialized testing including CT scanning. Analysis capabilities further include gas dispersion modeling, fire modeling, chemical analysis, and analysis through 3D computer modeling.


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