Fire & Explosion Investigation

Vehicle & Heavy Equipment Fires

Vehicle Fires
Vehicle fire investigations require specialized training to correctly determine the origin and cause of the fire. A vehicle is packed with a variety of combustible materials, both under the hood and in the occupant compartment. This leads to rapid spread of a fire which can make isolation of the origin difficult.  As such, understanding the usage patterns of the vehicle prior to the fire, as well as other factors like wind speed and direction at the time of the incident, is critical when attempting to discover the origin of a fire.

The experts in ESi’s vehicle fire investigation team have received specialized training in analyzing vehicle fires, in addition to possessing substantial field experience. Many of our consultants also have significant experience in other aspects of vehicle performance and fuel types (LP, CNG, hybrid, electric, etc.) and characteristics, as well as in-depth knowledge of the chemical properties of combustibles typically involved in vehicle fires.

ESi has performed investigations and engineering analyses for several vehicle manufacturers and insurers, as well as many residential insurers, when residential structures are involved in vehicle fires.

Heavy Equipment Fires
These vehicles are designed for use primarily away from public roads and are primarily used in commercial, agricultural, industrial, and construction activities, among others. It also involves fires affecting large machinery components used in the oilfield or in manufacturing plants.

ESi’s heavy equipment fire investigation experts analyze incidents involving this type of equipment. The diversity of their experience allows our teams to analyze not only the components and systems that make up a piece of heavy equipment, but also how those components and systems interact with one another during operation and initiation of fires.

This makes it possible for us to help our clients predict possible points of failure in those complex systems, and to uncover the precise root cause of failure when a fire incident does occur.




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