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Our team includes 3D animation pioneers who have been instrumental in the field’s development since the early 1990's, back when the technology was a breakthrough option for the legal community. Today, our clients benefit from ESi’s vast pool of resources, including advanced data collection and visualization technology, backed by an elite multidisciplinary team comprised of scientists, engineers, and technical staff. Our methods can unify your legal team's understanding of the facts in a complex case and ultimately help jurors and judges clearly understand the facts behind the arguments that are critical to your client's success.

3D animation is still the single most important tool we use in most cases today. It is also one of the fastest growing, most valuable assets in the litigation world, and an exceptional communication tool that withstands scrutiny. Data collected from laser scanners and CT scanners can be combined with data from an extraordinary array of other sources to produce accurate, dynamic depictions of events.

While some cases only require a 3D glimpse, others benefit from a sophisticated and fully immersive 3D animated experience. 3D animation and virtual reality applications allow the layperson and expert viewers alike to experience data-driven, scientifically constructed scenarios with the element of time included.

ESi is often engaged early to explore scientific facts long before a trial ever begins. In many cases, opposing counsel quickly understands their weakened position when visualizations are developed that capably communicate their client’s liability.

Legal teams feature 3D animations in trial, using presentation tools such as Trial Director and Sanction, as well as PowerPoint slides and other more customized presentation tools such as Flash. We can deliver the final product in a variety of formats depending on client needs.

Communicate your winning theory convincingly and memorably in the courtroom, in arbitration or mediation. A fully rendered 3D animation is often the best way to effectively visualize your data accurately for a fact finder and/or opposing counsel, where precision accuracy and deep understanding of a complex scenario is paramount. 

Virtual Reality: The Next Frontier of Litigation Visualization

Although virtual reality is a new breakthrough for the legal community, the ESi team draws from decades of experience with this powerfully immersive technology. We were there when 3D animation was cutting-edge litigation technology, and our team produced 3D animations that were admitted as evidence, following one case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court (KSR v. Teleflex). We believe virtual reality is poised to revolutionize the way facts are demonstrated to legal stakeholders. Moving around in a factually accurate virtual environment – and interacting with data collected at a real scene – is both visually impactful and highly informative. We are pioneering new ways for virtual reality to be used in the litigation environment.

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