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Our offices and testing facilities have expanded over the last 30 years to include 17 offices in 14 states across the country. ESi has served clients on every continent and maintains coast-to-coast office and lab facilities, each with extensive diagnostic, analytical, and physical testing capabilities that allow us to evaluate and test materials, systems and components, from small scale to large scale. ESi has extensive evidence storage and handling capabilities and facilities designed for hosting multi-party inspections. These facilities are equipped with well-lit inspection areas and documentation tools for in-person, online, or recorded inspections. Remote access to an inspection is an excellent alternative when travel options are limited. 


From small components, to large industrial and accident sites, our experienced technical staff have the expertise to digitally capture objects and environments of virtually any shape and size. From this captured data we create highly detailed, full color point clouds that can be rendered as pictures, animations, or CAD models. 3D laser scanning yields highly usable, high-quality data quickly. Dimensions, elevations, topographies, and coordinates can all be displayed from a variety of perspectives, allowing you to fully document and preserve a scene or compare the dimensions of an as-build part to its CAD in an informative, non-destructive manner. You can even revisit a scene or explore a damaged part in virtual reality using our VR systems.


ESi offers complete scope of materials testing services, including chemical composition of metallics and non-metallics, mechanical testing, metallurgical analysis, radiography, specialized test design, and performance. Our labs and testing facilities are the data conduit, not only to our in-house consultants, but also the industrial customers. 

Frequently, our clients have their own in-house engineers and managers needing to know whether their incoming materials meet specifications. Failure analysis is one of our core strengths. With our multi-disciplined engineering team, we have the expertise to ascertain the exact failure mechanism and then determine whether it was the result of improper design, a manufacturing issue, service conditions, or a material problem.  


With the tools and technologies that are available today, remote access to an inspection is an excellent alternative when travel options are limited. By providing firsthand views and two way communications, remotely accessing an inspection enables distant users to participate in the event. Once the onsite work is complete, post inspection data analysis sessions can also be conducted remotely, enabling efficient collaboration while minimizing the need for travel. 







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