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Our biomechanics and safety experts have an unparalleled level of knowledge and experience dealing with the human body and the interaction of humans with products, machines, vehicles, and environments we live in.  Our highly educated and trained consultants are industry leaders who extensively publish scientific research, present at national technical conferences, and participate in domestic and international safety standards development.

We have staff that specialize in product safety evaluations, biomechanical accident reconstruction and injury analysis, human factors assessments of conspicuity and reaction time, risk assessment and communications, industrial hygiene, regulatory compliance, and premises safety, including slip, trip, and fall.

Our consultants apply scientific methods and engineering principles to a wide range of industries, products, and environments where human safety is an issue. We are routinely involved with such things as consumer products, medical devices, toys, and fitness equipment, as well as tools, industrial machines, construction equipment, and assessments of exposure to hazardous substances and environments. We also have extensive experience in the transportation industries, including automotive, heavy truck, railroad, aviation, and marine environments.

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