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Shock & Electrocution Hazard

The shock and electrocution hazard experts work with clients to perform preventive safety analysis of new products, to uncover potential points of failure that could pose a safety risk to end users and others around the product, before making products available to the public.

Our team uses testing techniques, regulatory and compliance analysis, and theoretical analysis and modeling to identify issues, and then proposes solutions to guard against them so that if a product does fail, the failure will occur safely, without harming the people around it.

When failures do occur, our shock and electrocution experts also analyze the products involved to determine the root causes behind them. These root causes can include code and technical standard violations during the design and manufacturing processes, failures to properly install and maintain equipment, and failure to implement or enforce safety guidelines and lockout procedures for electrically-charged equipment.

In addition to our client work, the experts on our shock and electrocution hazard team have a remarkable record of publication in peer-reviewed journals, along with presentations of their findings at national and international scientific conferences and other events.


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