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ESi’s Iowa operation is located in the Iowa State University Research Park in Ames, a stone's throw from the ISU Virtual Reality Application Center where 3D animations for the courtroom were pioneered more than two decades earlier. The ESi team has a track record of engineering the best visual solutions for their clients. They have developed and continue to innovate proven methods designed to unify a legal team's understanding of the facts in a complex case and ultimately to clearly relate the arguments to the jury and/or judge to ensure their client's success.  The ESi team's process and products have also been used very effectively in arbitration and mediation.

The professional staff includes project managers with Ph.D.'s in engineering, engineers, animators, illustrators, and video editors, many of whom pioneered and contributed to the success of the litigation animation industry.  ESi's experience and expertise make them the industry’s premier provider of 3D demonstrative aids and evidence for litigation.


ESi's project managers are experts in Mechanical Engineering, Electronics/Telecommunications, Biotechnology, and Medical Devices, among other fields. In-house animators and illustrators, most with engineering or science backgrounds, create tailored 3D animations, virtual reality environments, PowerPoint presentations, and produce 2D graphics and traditional media. This unique blend of scientific and artistic expertise is the creative force behind the most compelling and technically accurate demonstratives in the industry.


Previously known as Demonstratives, Inc., they pioneered the litigation animation industry and appreciate the value of accuracy, especially as it relates to admissibility and credibility. Our ESi professionals have contributed to more than 2000 cases in State and Federal court - from district court level to the U.S. Supreme Court - as well as many hearings, arbitrations, and mediations. Having worked in the litigation industry for an average of 15 years, the professionals at ESi understand the demands of supporting experts and legal teams, including emergency responses to court rulings, short deadlines, and providing depositions in support of their work.

2321 North Loop Drive Suite 201 Ames, IA 50010

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