Consumer products, equipment, and vehicle manufacturers increasingly rely on batteries as a primary or secondary power source. When batteries are implicated in an incident, our consultants can help analyze them to determine whether they contributed to the cause or were damaged as a result of the incident. For companies that manufacture products that rely on battery technology, this knowledge can help them understand and account for the risks associated with the design and use of several types of batteries. ESi also analyzes battery lots that have known issues or elevated failure rates, and provides recommendations to help clients achieve regulatory, safety, and business requirements.  

Our consultants include highly qualified electrical engineers, materials engineers, and chemists who combine technical knowledge with industry and laboratory experience to analyze issues that span the full lifecycle of a battery, from design and manufacture to performance, testing, risk assessment, and failure analysis. Their expertise includes hands-on experience analyzing the internal chemistry and design of batteries used in specific applications, including consumer products, equipment, and vehicles. 


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