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WEBINAR: Butane Stove and Cannister Analysis and Investigation

This course has been approved for one hour of Continuing Legal Education in the following states:  IL, MN, ND, WI
CLE credit is pending in the following states:  CA
Please check back for CLE approval updates

This course will educate claims and litigation personnel on what to look for in determining who may have liability for incidents involving butane appliances and containers. An overview of the safety devices inherent in stoves per ANSI Z21.72B and butane containers per UL 147B will be presented.

The case study of an eight-ounce butane cannister that failed while being used in a portable butane stove will be reviewed to show methodology in site inspections and corresponding product usage guidelines.  The course will review testing performed on exemplar butane stoves and cannisters and those results. In addition, critical observations are reviewed which were made from the scene photographs to assist in determining the cause of the flash fire and cannister failure.

Scott A. Sollars, P.E., CGE, IAAI-CFI, Senior Managing Consultant
Scott is a licensed professional engineer with an extensive background in mechanical systems, machine design analysis, safety and hazard evaluation, combustion mechanics, and fuel gas systems and components including fire, explosion and carbon monoxide incident investigations. He provides litigation support and expert testimony for clients.

Lloyd C. Meissner, P.E., Senior Consultant
Llloyd is an accomplished metallurgical engineer with more than 37 years of experience in aerospace, defense and industry applications, failure analysis, design support, production fabrication, and process analysis. He works directly with clients to provide legal and insurance consultation.

Registration is complimentary for all to attend.


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