Fire & Explosion Investigation

Hazards & Risk Assessment

Every human activity has intrinsic hazards with the capacity of producing destruction, fatalities, and injuries. To prevent these situations, organizations need to understand the nature of their hazards and identify the most effective way to manage them.

The concept of risk includes the potential impact produced by an event and its likelihood of occurring. Risk assessment is the process for estimating and evaluating the risk of a particular hazard (e.g., fire, explosion, unintended release of material), and identifying measures to reduce the risk. Risk assessments represent the basis of sound decision-making to appropriately control for a hazard. They result in a definition of the safety measures to mitigate risks, among other outcomes.

ESi is well-equipped with a broad array of experience to conduct risk assessments across many different industries, petrochemical and other manufacturing processes, and facility types to support risk management efforts in controlling for hazards.


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