ESi’s Infrastructure Team assists our clients with both new construction design and evaluation, and the design and implementation of repairs to existing structures, in order to mitigate safety concerns, restore structural integrity, and prolong a structure’s lifespan.

Our approach is to collaborate first with our client, and then with other involved parties, as needed, to fully understand the problem, provide our recommendations, and help our clients implement those recommendations by whatever means necessary.

Our projects often involve design, testing, and repairs to buildings, bridges, tunnels, storage tanks, towers, pipelines that carry water, waste, and petroleum, and the structures that support these types of equipment. These projects often include evaluation, preliminary and final design, program management, quality control, plan development and implementation, construction engineering and inspection, and development of inspection, maintenance, and construction plans.

We also provide construction bid procurement services to assist our clients with the solicitation of bids from contractors, and then help them review and vet the qualifications of those contractors. By helping our clients hire professionals who have been vetted by engineers with hands-on experience in the industry, we are helping them build safer structures that last longer.

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