Statistical and Reliability Methods

Statistical Analysis

The best choice between decision alternatives is often hidden in uncertainty or confounded by multiple influencing variables. The application of statistical methods supports decision-making objectives by filtering out noise and showing dependencies to outside factors.

ESi offers statistical expertise in the areas of data reduction, statistical modeling and decision-making. Our experts help clients derive meaning from their different types of data, including warranty claims and production data, and product performance measures. These consultants specialize in using statistical methods to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the decision-making process.

In addition to support data analysis, ESi can help by providing statistically driven research to enhance decision making studies, such as those used in product and process optimization. Using advanced methods in Design of Experiments, ESi works to ensure that maximum information can be gained with minimum investments of time, material and money.


Reliability Methods

Demonstrating the reliability of complex assemblies is no simple task. The proper development and optimization of design verification plans is a significant effort and requires a solid understanding of statistical and reliability methods. ESi can work with your design engineers to develop a reliability test to demonstrate a product’s lifetime performance.

ESi also has significant experience and expertise developing risk assessments and strategies to help mitigate risks involving products, equipment and processes.


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