At ESi, inspections are at the heart of helping clients understand what happened and why, but there are times when face-to-face engagement isn’t practical, possible, or safe. That’s why we’re combining technology and teamwork to provide clients with the ability to participate in live inspections and post-inspection analysis sessions remotely.

ESi LIVE, we can put local technologists and engineers on the ground and connect them with key stakeholders and other subject matter experts to help guide their onsite response.  Whether an inspection is in the field, a lab, or one of our well-equipped inspection rooms, we’re using live streaming and advanced communication and visualization tools to enable effective collaboration in real-time, while minimizing the need to be physically present. Key benefits include:
As communities and companies focus on protecting and empowering their people, we’re ensuring that clients have more access than they've ever had to critical inspection capabilities -- equipping them with the ability to connect virtually, when and where it’s needed, so they can stay informed and engaged.
For more information about ESi LIVE or to schedule a demo, contact Chuck Fox at (515) 509-2920 or

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