Michael L. Hanks

Michael L. Hanks, Ph.D., P.E.

Senior Managing Consultant

Dr. Michael Hanks has a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and investigates industrial and residential fires and explosions, chemical process incidents, manufacturing process incidents, and hazardous materials release and exposure incidents.

Dr. Hanks is a NAFI-certified fire and explosion investigator. He investigates failures caused by unexpected or uncontrolled chemical reactions and issues due to incompatible materials. He analyzes chemicals to identify unknown materials or contaminants, and evaluates compliance with OSHA regulations for chemical hazard communication and general industry safety practices.

In the past, Dr. Hanks managed a corporate laboratory that performed chemical analysis and product-performance testing, and led the materials development function that was responsible for developing and evaluating coatings and adhesives, thermoplastic compounds, and thermoplastic elastomers. He has failure-analysis experience with polyurethanes, polyolefins, PVC, EDPM rubber compounds and other polymers.


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