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ESi has a wide variety of expertise and experience that can be utilized to find solutions to a wide variety of issues facing chemical and petrochemical producers, transporters, and users. Consultants working in this area possess the knowledge and skills to be able to provide valuable insight into every step of a chemical product’s lifecycle, from an initial process hazard analysis to troubleshooting operational issues and catastrophic failure root cause analysis. Our chemical and petrochemical consulting group is composed of engineers and scientists with backgrounds in chemical engineering, analytical chemistry, mechanical engineering, PLC data, and implementation of federal regulations and standards. 

ESi is equipped with facilities and equipment for conducting a variety of characterization testing according to various ASTM standards, and custom-designed tests for specific scenarios. Computational modeling capabilities include gas dispersion analysis, blast or explosion analysis, chemical release scenarios, and more.


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ESi's expertise spans dozens of industries and specializations organized across several practice groups, each staffed by dozens of in-house experts with the technical knowledge, hands-on expertise, and courtroom experience required to execute projects for and with our clients from start to finish.

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