ESi’s  Rail Team has been a leading provider of failure analysis and technical guidance in the rail industry for many years, led by consultants who have decades of direct experience working in both the engineering and management areas of the industry.

The team is made up of engineers with specialized knowledge and expertise covering every component of the rail industry and the many ways they connect and interact with one another. Their broad range of experience gives our rail experts the in-house expertise needed to navigate the complexities of the rail industry with ease.

Our rail experts work with clients to conduct evaluations of the systems and components that make up our railways, to provide clear insight into the condition of their equipment, and can identify the components that need attention to support safety and operational goals.

When an accident occurs on our railways, our Rail Team is deployed to gather data and conduct design analysis and root-cause failure investigations to understand why it happened, and help develop and implement plans and procedures to prevent it from happening again.


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