Commercial Vehicles

ESi's Commercial Vehicles Team preserves, reconstructs, and investigates accidents related to commercial transport, construction, mining, agriculture, and industrial-use vehicles.

Our Forensic Accident Strategic Team (FAST) can be dispatched to the scene of any accident within hours so they can begin preserving evidence using state-of-the-art laser scanning systems and other technology.

Our in-house research facilities around the country include technology needed for vehicle testing, crash simulation, accident reconstruction, laboratory testing, computer animation and 3D modeling, component fabrication, and extensive lab and industrial testing and analysis.

Our extensive in-house expertise enables us to gather the most complete and accurate data possible, so we can provide our clients with a reliable analysis of their incidents. The multidisciplinary approach of our team brings together experts from a broad range of backgrounds, including accident investigators, biomechanical engineers, perceptual psychologists, design analysts, and materials failure specialists.



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