Children's Products

Each year, thousands of children end up in emergency rooms, with injuries ranging from bumps and bruises to broken bones, concussions, burns, choking, and other serious conditions. Some of these injuries are related to the use of products and/or participation in activities designed for children. Others involve activities or products that are not specifically designed or recommended for children, but may pose a particular risk or danger to them.

ESi's children's products experts have experience in consumer products and activities designed for, used by, or engaged in by children. This experience can be critical to understanding usage characteristics or risks that are unique to children because of their size, stage of development, need for supervision, or the way they interact with their environment.

Our consultants have assisted clients and organizations with evaluating child product safety at the design stage, performing targeted safety analyses of child products for specific issues, and where feasible, recommending ways to mitigate or safeguard against particular risks.


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