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Drilling Operations

ESi's drilling operations team works on cases involving drilling including both onshore and offshore, as well as the normal maintenance (work over) that is associated with existing wells.

Our experience extends from the low-pressure oil wells served with mechanical oilfield pumps, to self-flowing high pressure producing wells, as well as all the procedures equipment and processes involved in horizontal drilling and fracking.

ESi is fully conversant with current API and NACE standards as well as the requirements of FERC, state controlled oil drilling and production, and the mandate imposed by the Code of Federal Regulations. ESi has also been involved in third party review processes for high-pressure wells that require application of ASME Section VIII Divisions II and III.

Our experts conduct failure analysis of drilling equipment, drilling rigs, as well as drill pipe, casing and tubing and are familiar with the corrosive environment that would require the utilization of premium materials and connections.



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