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Smart Sessions Offered October 21 in Our MN Office

ESi invites you to join us for a half-day seminar that provides insight into the work you do.  We are offering lunch followed by four one-hour educational sessions and wrapping up with a social hour at our Minnesota office.  This seminar is complimentary for all COVID-19 vaccinated guests to attend. All attendees are encouraged to wear masks and socially distance when possible.

Four hours of CLE credit approved in IL, MN, ND, and WI
Four hours of CE credit approved in IL, MN, and WI

When:  October 21, 2021, 12 to 5:30 p.m.
Where:  ESi, 2355 Polaris Lane North, #120, Plymouth, MN  55447

12:00-12:30 p.m.
Registration and Lunch (provided)

12:30-1:30:  Session 1
Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Fires – How are They Different and Should We be Concerned
Hernán Mercado-Corujo, P.E., CFEI, CVFI
This course will help the participant understand relevant fire causes associated with hybrid and electric vehicles’ technology. An introduction to current and relevant market data, along with the introduction of applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, will teach the participant how to approach the investigation of complex thermal events involving EVs. The participant will learn about EV types and the thermal considerations each technology may require. Case studies are presented for the participants to see how the application of this knowledge works in claims and litigation scenarios.

1:30-2:30:  Session 2
Corrosion Failures of Piping Systems
Ronald J. Parrington, P.E., FASM
This one-hour course is designed to help participants to understand the important mechanisms of corrosion that can affect piping systems. The course will introduce participants to the types of corrosion failures associated with piping system components, which are a common cause of water loss incidents. Participants will learn about the analysis of corrosion-related failures as a tool to assist in the identification of the corrosion mechanism, cause of failure, and to determine responsible parties. Finally, using case studies, participants will learn to identify types of corrosion and the potential remediation of each. Ultimately, the course will provide information that is useful to better understand how water loss incidents may be caused by corrosion events and assist the participant in approaching claims or litigation with the assistance of analytical tools for potential corrosion-related failures.

2:30-3:30:  Session 3
Techniques in Aircraft Accident Reconstruction: Past, Present, and Future

Michael K. Bauer
The learning objective of this course is to educate claims and litigation personnel to understand how aircraft accident investigation techniques have evolved over the years and detail how new technologies are changing the way that investigations are executed. Participants will be provided with a general understanding of what tools were used in the past, and are available now, to investigative teams when an aircraft accident occurs. Case studies are presented to provide real-world examples of the application of these investigation techniques and technologies in claims and legal aviation cases.

3:30-4:30:  Session 4
Data at a Distance:  The Art of Remote Inspections

Charles A. Fox, Ph.D., and Matthew W. Wilber, CGE, CFEI
Data at a Distance: The Art of Remote Inspections is a one-hour course designed to help the participant understand the fundamental principles of successful remote inspections and associated post-inspection data analysis. The course will introduce both the tools used by, and best practices of, technology teams to produce live streaming video from a remote inspection site. Participants will learn the capabilities of, access to, and use of a digital portal to access and assess the resulting post-inspection data with both group sharing and individual on-demand access for all stakeholders. Finally, through a case study involving a gas grill explosion incident remote inspection, participants will see these concepts in real-world use to better understand the practical claims and legal implications of the latest technology innovations in remote inspections and post-inspection data analysis.

4:30-5:30:  Happy Hour
Join us for appetizers, beverages and conversation with your colleagues.

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