Kevin D. Bedsworth

Kevin D. Bedsworth, CFEI, CFII, CVFI

Senior Managing Consultant

Mr. Kevin Bedsworth has extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of motorized recreational marine products. His background in engine design, combined with his history in automotive mechanics, qualifies him to perform failure analysis on a variety of machines and mechanical systems.  He is a former fully ASE certified automotive technician and currently holds an ABYC Master Technician certification.  He is also a certified fire and explosion investigator (CFEI) and instructor (CFII).

Mr. Bedsworth has been working as a consultant for over 15 years and has investigated cases involving, but not limited to:

  • Diesel, gasoline and alternate fueled engine and mechanical system failure analysis
  • Automotive, commercial vehicle, off-road, and specialty vehicle accident reconstruction
  • Fork lift, man lift, rental equipment, exercise equipment, manufacturing and production equipment failure analysis and safety assessment.
  • Yacht engine, transmission, controls, and mechanical system failure analysis
  • Vehicle, vessel, and mechanical component fire cause and origin investigations
  • Residential mechanical system failure analysis
  • Standard-of-care in vehicle and mechanical systems repair


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  • Hydrogen Engine Performance Analysis, Final Report, DOE Contract, August 1982

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