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ESi’s risk analysis team has a broad range of experience conducting risk assessments and managing product, plant, and employee safety for and with our clients.

From industrial machinery and consumer products to nuclear technology, our experts have performed investigations and led risk assessment teams across multiple industries. Our experience ranges from Fortune 100 companies to government organizations. This includes both qualitative risk assessments, as well as quantitative, probabilistic risk assessments.

ESi has consulted directly with many machine and product manufacturers to analyze existing operational, maintenance, and installation manuals and develop new product literature, manuals, and warnings. These consultations are done with an eye toward complying with current domestic and international standards, as well as to improve readability and comprehension based on human factors.

Our risk assessment experts are also widely published, and are very knowledgeable about the U.S. and International requirements for risk assessment and machine safety. Many of our experts actively contribute to domestic and international safety standards development, including risk assessment standards, helping businesses create safer workplaces.


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