Cargo Transportation

ESi’s professional staff brings decades of real-world experience and expertise to the investigation of complex, high-value cargo incidents, and can help assess causation, standard of care, damage, and reparability.

The best solutions meet the needs of all parties and can often make costly litigation unnecessary. ESi consultants have worked directly with insurers, claimants, consignees and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to recommend solutions that are based on a deep understanding of complex technical issues as well as business, contractual or legal obligations. In many of these investigations, the financial exposure exceeded half a million dollars, and involved a technical investigation. For example, on past projects. ESi has identified critical damage in machinery that is not related to transport, as well as design changes which reduced transport damage tolerance below reasonable levels.


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ESi's expertise spans dozens of industries and specializations organized across several practice groups, each staffed by dozens of in-house experts with the technical knowledge, hands-on expertise, and courtroom experience required to execute projects for and with our clients from start to finish.

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