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Electrical Codes & Standards

Our codes and standards experts investigate failures in electrical systems and electrical equipment as they pertain to national and international codes and standards.

The team consists of Professional Engineers (P.E.) and trained technicians with backgrounds in specific industries, as well as engineers with M.S. and Ph.D. electrical engineering degrees. Our engineers further their industry expertise by pursuing certifications in the types of investigations we conduct for and with our clients, including CFI, CFEI, CSP, and many others.

Our codes and standards experts have extensive experience inspecting, documenting, and analyzing electrical systems to determine if they were designed, assembled, installed, and maintained in accordance with applicable codes and standards, as well as in analyzing electrical work activities to determine if they were conducted in accordance with industry safety codes and standards.

Our experience ranges from investigating failures in large-scale power generation and distribution equipment, to investigating electrical systems for end users including switches, panel boards, transformers, breakers, motor control centers, and conductors and equipment for managing electrical loads in motors, controllers, lighting, robotics, and heaters.


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