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ESi’s Security and Defense Services Group develops and delivers tailored technical solutions designed to help security and defense industry clients strengthen infrastructure and capabilities, design and test equipment, investigate incidents and failures, and drive short- and long-term improvements in operations and safety. Our consultants include qualified military and security professionals with decades of hands-on expertise in areas such as product development and manufacturing, tactical gear and supplies, operational policies and procedures, field data collection and visualization (i.e. drone, laser scanning, CT scanning, and virtual reality), and security assessments.

Our teams have firsthand experience working in a complex, mission-critical environment, and work collaboratively to understand your needs as well as those you serve. Our ability to connect best practices and leading technologies to defense needs ensures that we are able to deliver services and solutions efficiently and effectively to meet mission and business objectives.

Compliance and Safety

  • 3rd party analysis of guard forces, routines, compliance with policies and procedures
  • Ammunition
  • Emergency action plan review
  • Physical security review of facility and campus access control, including perimeter fencing, lighting, camera angles, compliance with internal policies, and risk analysis

Failure/Forensic Analysis & Investigation

  • Bullet casings and expended munitions
  • Firearms, parachutes, military aircraft, and vehicle incidents
  • Forensic cell phone and computer analysis
  • Industrial incidents
  • Security incidents

Materials Testing

  • Polymers and metallurgy
  • Saltwater corrosion testing for barrels and other components

Mission Readiness

  • Acoustic testing and documentation for range facilities
  • Explosive breaching program safety review
  • Standoff requirements for explosive wave pressure
  • Red cell planning for protected facilities

Visualization Support

  • Training and simulation support
  • Facility mapping
  • Line of sight analysis
  • 3D virtual reality modeling

To coordinate the right ESi multidisciplinary team to support your requirements, please contact Tony Dill below, the lead for the Security and Defense Services Group.

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