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Industrial Hygiene

ESi’s industrial hygiene team is made up of accredited and licensed field and laboratory personnel who are trained to anticipate, recognize, and evaluate physical, biological, chemical, and environmental hazards and recommend the best course of action for treating, removing, or mitigating them.

ESi assists clients in the evaluation of issues ranging from environmental exposures in the work place, medical, or industrial facilities, and home, to contaminants released during fires, explosions, floods, water infiltration, tree strikes, drug labs or grow operations, and many others. We conduct indoor air quality assessments including any ventilation concerns. A certified asbestos inspector and project designer can help with any asbestos scenario.

ESi's Seattle, Washington lab maintains a license from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and State of Washington, which allows it to possess and test controlled substances. This provides a unique set of capabilities including the review and verification of lab results in criminal prosecutions, drug lab contamination assessments, and laboratory analysis for marijuana grow operations.

ESi professionals can assess exposure for chemical, physical, and biological contamination, then create specific remediation and abatement protocols, environmental assessments, or evaluations for compliance with standards, consensus documents, and requirements.

We also have the capabilities to develop EPA compliance audits, and test for LEED or "green" building certifications.




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