About ESi

Engineering Systems Inc. (ESi) is an engineering and scientific investigation and analysis firm committed to providing clear answers to the most challenging technical problems. Our technical expertise, practical experience, technological resources, and extensive diagnostic, analytical, and physical testing capabilities empower us to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and efficient solutions across dozens of industries.

Our team handles large and small-scale projects with diligence, accuracy, and discretion, and our experts are well-known for their professionalism, precision, response time, and scientific and academic contributions to the industries in which they work.

Since 1987, we have enjoyed constant growth due to the excellence of our team and our reputation for providing superior results at competitive rates by putting our extensive in-house network of experts to work instead of hiring outside consultants.

The leadership of ESi is dedicated to investing in advanced technology, quality personnel, and state-of-the art facilities that combine to make ESi a leader in engineering and scientific investigation. Our training programs are designed to address the latest needs and advances in the industries we work in by giving our personnel the opportunity to pursue new skills and certifications.

ESi has worked with clients and on projects in all 50 states, as well as with numerous companies, organizations, and governments internationally.  Our offices and testing facilities have expanded over the last 30 years to include 20 offices in 14 states across the country.

Our coast-to-coast office locations and more than 160 in-house technical personnel, including licensed Professional Engineers (P.E.'s) with advanced degrees (both M.S. and Ph.D.), litigation experience, and industry expertise, uniquely position ESi, both professionally and physically, to provide our clients with superior results.

Insight Driven Solutions

ESi's expertise spans dozens of industries and specializations organized across several practice groups, each staffed by dozens of in-house experts with the technical knowledge, hands-on expertise, and courtroom experience required to execute projects for and with our clients from start to finish.

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