Tim R. Johnson

Tim R. Johnson, P.E., CFEI

Senior Consultant

Mr. Tim Johnson's experience includes electrical system failure investigation and analysis, electrical system testing and design, and electrical safety. During his more than 16 years at ESi he has been involved with appliances, industrial machinery, lighting systems, power systems, battery systems, and transportation equipment, among other areas.

Prior to joining ESi, Mr. Johnson was a Senior Engineer at IIT Research Institute (IITRI). His career includes 15 years with IITRI, two years with McDonnell Douglas, and two years with Magnavox.

While employed at IITRI, Mr. Johnson specialized in electromagnetic pulse (EMP) failure analysis, electromagnetic field health effects research, and training simulator development. At McDonnell Douglas, he was responsible for operating and maintaining avionics test stand electrical systems. At Magnavox he worked in a communication systems development group.


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  • Design, Construction, and Operation of a Dedicated Magnetic Field Animal Exposure Facility, Proceedings of the Second World Congress for Electricity and Magnetism in Biology and Medicine, January 1997
  • A Developmental Toxicity Study of 60 Hz (Power Frequency), Magnetic Fields in Rats, Teratology, January 1996
  • Immune Function and Host Defense in Rodents Exposed to 60 Hz Magnetic Fields, Fundamental and Applied Toxicology, January 1996
  • A Cooperative Analysis for Siting a Proposed Urban 345kV Transmission Line, Proceedings of the American Power Conference, January 1992

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