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Electrical Power Systems

Our electrical power experts troubleshoot problems and recommend steps to keep complex electrical systems in good operating order. When a failure occurs, they investigate issues in the design, installation, and maintenance of the electrical system and components to pinpoint where the failure occurred and determine the cause. Their expertise includes electrical power systems, electrical power equipment, and electrical grounding systems, and spans virtually every aspect of an investigation, from the initial documentation and inspection to root cause analysis, damage assessment, and litigation support.

Many ESi consultants are Professional Engineers (P.E.) and trained technicians with advanced degrees and a deep understanding of industry codes and standards gained from decades of experience working in the electrical power industry. They have investigated failures in equipment of all sizes including large-scale power generation, transmission, and distribution equipment, and electrical systems for industrial and manufacturing facilities (motors, switchgear, switchboards, busway, motor control centers, and transformers). In addition, our staff is knowledgeable in power distribution and generation systems for commercial and residential applications including solar energy systems and electrical storage systems (UPS), as well as commercial and residential end-use devices such as appliances, electronics, motors, and HVAC systems.


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