Scott E. Dillon

Scott E. Dillon, P.E., IAAI-CFI, CFEI, CVFI

Senior Managing Consultant


Fire Science

Scott Dillon is a licensed professional engineer with over 20 years of experience in the areas of fire protection engineering, fire science, fire and explosion investigation and forensic analysis.  Scott provides clients with expert consultation regarding fire protection and alarm systems, life safety, fire dynamics, fire testing, fire modeling and compliance with industry codes and standards.  He has an in-depth understanding of origin and cause investigations of fires and explosions and has experience performing investigations involving residences and vehicles as well as commercial, industrial, chemical and agricultural facilities. He is skilled in performing investigations and managing large fire and explosion scenes, including those involving fuel gas systems and equipment. He is proficient in the investigation of incidents involving combustible dusts and metals as well as evaluating combustible dust hazards and performing Dust Hazard Analyses (DHAs) in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. He has performed evaluations of the design, installation, inspection, testing, maintenance and failure of fire and life safety systems, including sprinkler systems, clean agent systems, vehicle suppression systems and commercial kitchen suppression systems.  He also has experience performing fire risk assessments and safety, risk, and hazard evaluations of facilities related to root cause analysis of accidents as well as the prevention of accidents.


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