Gregory H. Shoss

Gregory H. Shoss, P.E., CFEI, CVFI

Senior Consultant

Mr. Shoss is an electrical engineer with over 7 years of experience investigating accidents and claims involving electrical faults and malfunctions, particularly those suspected of causing a fire, equipment damage, or injury.  He conducts scene / laboratory examinations and tests to determine the mode, sequence, or component of failure involved in the damage to equipment, vehicles, or individuals.  He tests, analyzes, and evaluates various types of electrical power distribution equipment, appliances, products, and workmanship for appropriate operation, safety and design.

Prior to his career in accident investigations, Mr. Shoss worked for a major electrical equipment manufacturer and service provider of residential, commercial, and industrial products.  He held various positions in field services, power systems engineering, applications, and product management responsible for maintenance, testing, troubleshooting, training, and performing data collection, system upgrades, power quality, protective device coordination, and arc flash calculation studies.

Mr. Shoss is a licensed professional electrical engineer in several states and a member of several professional organizations.

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