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ESi’s water resources and hydrology experts provide a full spectrum of consulting services related to water resources, hydrology, and hydraulics. Because of the dynamic nature of these complex systems, we are able to deploy teams of engineers at a moment’s notice to document and collect perishable evidence after incidents.

Our expertise includes designing future-focused plans for flood control infrastructure to mitigate natural hazards, performing studies of water availability and management, and assessing water risks. When incidents occur, we also work to find the root cause of damages, using robust modeling tools to assess the full scope and scale of the problems and resulting impacts.

In addition to helping our clients plan for the future, we also investigate incidents related to natural disasters and infrastructure failures that result in damage to public and private property, and design repair and damage mitigation plans to support natural disaster recovery efforts.

Our clients include a broad range of private sector entities, local, state, and national governments, and non-governmental organizations (NGO's). We also work with local, state, and national governments, NGO's, and private entities on matters connected to national security and business continuity by assessing facts on the ground, future needs and demands for water, and preparing strategic plans for local and international water resources management.

At the heart of our approach is closely communicating with our clients to fully understand the problems they face and address their concerns. We use objective scientific data and robust hydrologic and hydraulic modeling tools to seek optimized and economical solutions to these problems, and present our results and conclusions using state-of-the art graphics and visual tools to make the information accessible to our clients and stakeholders.


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