Manuel Meza-Arroyo

Manuel Meza-Arroyo, Ph.D., AHFP

Senior Staff Consultant

Dr. Manuel Meza has significant experience in the field of human factors and ergonomics. He specializes in human perception and attention, eye movement behavior during collision detection, lighting and visual conspicuity, human learning and performance, and the effects of aging on visual perception and attention. He also has significant experience developing psychophysical experiments, experimental designs, and advanced statistical analyses. He has presented his findings in a variety of scientific journals and international forums. Dr. Meza speaks fluent English, Spanish, and Portuguese.


  • Continuous Response Monitoring of Relative Time-to-Contact Judgments: Does Effective Information Change During an Approach Event?, Ecological Psychology, January 2016
  • Analysis of Eye Movements and Collision Judgments in Younger and Older Observers for the Development of a Reinforcement Learning, Ph.D. Dissertation, Texas Tech University, January 2015
  • The effect of music genres on oxygen uptake during a cycling exercise, Proceedings of 2011 Texas Regional Human Factors & Ergonomics Conference, January 2011
  • Comparisons of Visual Performance and Useful Field of View among Drivers in a Simulator, Thesis, Texas Tech University, January 2009
  • Useful Field of View of Aging Drivers as a Design Tool for In-Vehicle Visual Aids, HFES 53rd Annual Meeting, October 2009
  • Analysis of Visual Attention and Useful Field of View among Experienced, Inexperienced and Older Drivers, Paper presented at the 17th World Congress on Ergonomics, IEA, August 2009
  • Comparing Visual Performance & Useful Field of View of Older and Younger Drivers, Rocky Mountain Bioengineering Symposium. 46th International ISA Biomedical Sciences Instrumentation Symposium, April 2009
  • Analysis of Visual Attention and Useful Field of View among Experienced, Inexperienced and Older Drivers, Instrument Society of America. Biomedical Sciences Instrumentation, February 2009
  • Relationship between Visual Attention and the Surrounding Environment During Driving Tasks: A Cognitive Experiment, INFORMS Southwest Regional Conference, Texas A&M University, April 2008

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