Jorge A. Ochoa

Jorge A. Ochoa, Ph.D., P. E.


Dr. Jorge A. Ochoa is a Principal at ESi. Dr. Ochoa has over 35 years of broad experience in all medical device R&D-related areas: design of medical devices, surgical instruments and techniques, biomaterials, combination devices, and preclinical regulatory testing. Dr. Ochoa is a classically trained mechanical engineer whose expertise bridges the domains of mechanical engineering and biology in therapeutic and diagnostic medical applications. Dr. Ochoa is an authority on the significant aspects of medical device total product lifecycle: design control, risk management, biocompatibility, verification/validation testing, device retrieval analysis, post-market surveillance, recalls, and failure analysis. Dr. Ochoa also consults with clients on intellectual property issues related to validity and infringement.

Dr. Ochoa’s particular interests encompass solving complex interdisciplinary problems in the domains of cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and ophthalmological tissue mechanics and associated medical devices. He applies fundamental mechanical engineering principles to the study of medical device performance, durability and wear, failure, and their interface with the human body. Dr. Ochoa routinely utilizes experimental and computational/analytical methods to execute in vivo and in vitro medical device performance evaluations and failure analyses, including computational methods (CFD & FEA). His strong background in mechanical metallurgy and biomaterials enables him to apply advanced techniques to study fracture and fatigue failures of components and determine the role of the mechanical behavior of metals, polymers, and coatings in the function and failure of medical devices.


  • Establishing the biofidelity of a multiphysics finite element model of the human heart, Cardiovasc Eng Technology, April 2021
  • The mechanics of corneal deformation and rupture for penetrating injury in the human eye, Injury. 2018;49(2):230-235., January 2018
  • Finite element analysis and experimental evaluation of penetrating injury through the cornea, Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, January 2021

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