Anne Mathias

Anne Mathias, P.E.



Safety & Risk Assessment

Anne Mathias specializes in biomedical and mechanical engineering. Her expertise includes safety, biomechanics, ergonomics, and injury analyses including: human locomotion, slip, trip, and falls, slip resistance testing, and injury mechanisms and tolerance. She conducts human factors analyses considering human capabilities and limitations and how a person might interact with a machine or product and the surrounding environment. This includes over 18 years experience in evaluating and designing product safety labeling, warnings, and instructions.

Ms. Mathias has over 15 years of leadership experience in the development of ANSI B11 Machinery Safety Standards. She is the Vice-Chair of the Standards Development Committee for the entire ANSI B11 Machinery Safety Standards Series. She is also the Vice-Chair of the Subcommittee responsible for developing the standard ANSI B11.0 Safety of Machines: General Requirements and Risk Assessment.

She conducts safety analyses and formal risk assessments of industrial machinery as well as consumer products including: children's products, sports and exercise equipment, playgrounds, fall protection equipment, and indoor and outdoor power equipment. Ms. Mathias regularly works with manufacturers, guiding them through the risk assessment and documentation process.

Her work in accident reconstruction utilizes the scientific method to evaluate the interplay between the physical data, injury evidence, and human factors and biomechanical limitations for a given accident scenario. She applies this methodology to accidents involving industrial machinery, consumer products, falls, automotive, and railroad scenarios.


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