Zdenek Hejzlar

Zdenek Hejzlar, Ph.D., CSP

Senior Managing Consultant

Dr.  Zdenek Hejzlar has over 33 years of experience in premises/occupational safety and various aspects of the environmental and toxic health fields. He directs multidisciplinary projects in human factors systems safety and accident reconstruction related to a broad range of environmental and industrial issues, chemical and hazardous material dangers, risk assessment, fire/explosion, slip and fall, premises/occupational safety and health hazards. He also has extensive experience in textile and other polymeric material failure analysis and design applications. In addition to the litigation related projects, Dr. Hejzlar is involved in accident prevention research in slip resistant shoe design and risk mitigation consulting with major cruise lines and resorts.

Dr. Hejzlar teaches technical professional courses in environmental and safety risk management, property condition assessments and occupational safety and health. Projects include deployment, health and safety, risk evaluations, training and standards development for the U.S. Department of Defense, property evaluations for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Technical Professional Training for ASTM, RIFS and HAZWOPER training for clients in Asia, and environmental risk training for World Bank Group members in Europe. Dr. Hejzlar has also been appointed and serves as a panel expert for the Transportation Research Safety Board. He served for over 10 years including chairmanship on the Committee for Publications for ASTM International overseeing publications of ASTM’s technical journals. In addition to numerous technical papers on technical investigation, ASTM has published his technical manual on the Phase I and Phase II process and CD-ROM computer based assessment training. Dr. Hejzlar is heavily involved in standards development related to safety of walkway surfaces and in tribometry research. He is an NFSI Certified Walkway Auditor Safety Specialist and ANSI/NFSI Walkway Auditor Certificate Holder. He chairs the ANSI/NFSI B101.9 Subcommittee developing standard for “Identification and Elimination of Interior and Exterior Trip Hazards on Walking Surfaces, Stairs, and Ramps.”


  • Relationship between Code Requirements and Human Factors /Biomechanical Aspects of Slip and Trip Incidents, NFSI Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention Symposium, September 2023
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning--brochure for the U.S. Coast Guard, National Marine Manufacturers Association - Development Peer Review, January 2017
  • Manual 43 Technical Aspects of Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments, ASTM, April 2015
  • Manual 73 Safety and Occupational Footwear, ASTM, April 2014
  • Evaluation of the Dynamics of Heel Contact in Flip-flop Sandals Under Dry and Wet Conditions, International Conference on Fall Prevention and Protection, October 2013
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  • Applications of X-Ray Fluorescence in Corrosive Drywall Investigations - The Use of X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) in Detecting and Evaluating Sulfur Impacts on Exposed Copper, Materials Science & Technology 2010, symposium proceedings on Failure Analysis and Prevention Editor(s), MS&T Publications Department, October 2010
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  • Problematic Drywall Impacts in U.S. Residential Construction: Investigating Problematic Drywall Issues, July 2009
  • Technical Guide for the Collection of Environmental Sampling Data Related to Environmental Health Site Assessments for Military Deployments, Co-author FDPMU Program Science & Technology, Navy & Marine Corps Public Health Center
  • See CV for further publications

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