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ESi Launches New Security and Defense Services Group

Norcross, GA – ESi is pleased to announce that Anthony Dill has joined the company to help lead a new Security and Defense Services group in our Biomechanics and Safety practice. As a Sr. Managing Consultant in our Norcross, Georgia office, Tony will help develop, market, and deliver targeted technical solutions designed to help government and partner industries strengthen vital military infrastructure, modernize capabilities, and drive short- and long-term operational improvements. Specific areas of focus include tactical gear and supplies such as firearms, armor, and parachutes, field data collection and visualization (i.e. laser scanning and virtual reality), and security assessments.

“We’re excited to welcome Tony to the team,” said ESi Technical Vice President Erick Knox, Ph.D., P.E. “Military and law enforcement organizations are on the frontline, always looking for opportunities to deploy differentiating equipment and technologies, disseminate vital capability requirements to industry, and support their mission."

A retired Green Beret colonel with 31 years of service to our country, Tony brings a wealth of expertise to his new role, having served much of his military career in the Airborne and Special Operations communities domestically and abroad, from Korea to Afghanistan. His experience during this time spanned a wide range of areas, including global procurement and logistics (food, fuel, ammunition, and equipment), compliance/audits, safety, and training. He was also responsible for leading accident investigations involving transportation, parachuting, firearms, and explosives. In the private sector, Tony has also provided oversight for the development, testing, and production of ballistic safety products for companies that specialize in military and law enforcement applications.

“I’m excited to help lead the new Security and Defense Services group at ESi,” said Tony. “Throughout my career, I’ve learned the value of bringing together diverse teams to develop and implement innovative solutions to tackle tough problems. I’m used to working in challenging environments where you have to take swift action and make hard, critical decisions -- often with limited resources, budget, and time. In the military, there’s always a push to make equipment more available, reliable, sophisticated, and mission-ready. But along with that comes the need for the technical know-how to assess advanced technical features, performance requirements, and system complexities, and ensure that equipment is fit-for-purpose, well-maintained, and flexible enough to accommodate changing needs. ESi brings all that to the table and more.” 

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