Jack L. Auflick

Jack L. Auflick, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant

Dr. Jack Auflick specializes in human factors and engineering psychology, experimental design, risk assessment, and the analysis of human error within complex and hazardous operational environments. This expertise includes human visual-perceptual processes applied to human-machine interfaces for automotive, industrial, and medical device applications, including driver distraction, conspicuity, night time vision, warnings, procedures and instructions, usability, and crash avoidance. Research has included experimental and analytical studies of driver workload, air traffic controller behavior with new interfaces, and human-computer interaction for various touch interface devices.


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  • Analysis of Nighttime Vehicular Collisions and the Application of Human Factors: An Integrated Approach, SAE Technical Paper, January 2014
  • Intersystem LOCA risk assessment: methodology and results, Nuclear Engineering and Design, January 1994

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