Edward W. Holmes

Edward W. Holmes, P.E.

Principal Emeritus and Co-Founder

Mr. Edward Holmes is a Principal Engineer and Co-Founder of ESi. For over 40 years, Mr. Holmes has demonstrated expertise in engineering management, process development, quality control, product development, failure analysis, accident reconstruction, materials research, and consulting engineering. He specializes in material failure analysis, aviation accident investigation and component failure analysis, engine tear-down analysis, both turbine and piston power plants, industrial safety, consumer products, and fire origin and cause in structures, automobiles, and aircraft.

In 2012, Mr. Holmes was awarded the highest honor of Distinguished Life Member of Alpha Sigma Mu, The International Professional Honor Society for Materials Science and Engineering.


  • Landing Gear Failure Analysis, Advanced Materials & Processes, May 2006
  • Stress Intensities for a Thumbnail-Shaped Surface Crack in a Solid Cylinder Using ABAQUS/Standard, ABAQUS Users Conference, March 2004
  • In Service Failure of SAE Grade 8.1 Wheel Studs, ASM Handbook of Case Histories in Failure Analysis, July 1993
  • Structures and Metallurgy Techniques and Procedures for Structural and Material Aircraft Failure Investigation, Course Handbook, U.S. Department of Transportation, Transportation Safety Institute, Aviation Safety Division, May 1991
  • Analysis of Causative Factors of the MEA Absorber Vessel Rupture, ASME Codes & Recent Advances in PVP & Valve Technology, July 1984

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