Kristen L. Lussier

Kristen L. Lussier, P.E.

Senior Staff Consultant

As a Senior Staff Consultant in the fire and explosion practice, Kristen investigates fire and explosion incidents across the United States with Engineering Systems Inc. (ESi). Since joining ESi, Kristen has performed many on-site and laboratory investigations regarding fires and explosions related to a variety of industries including automotive, residential, commercial, industrial, and fuel gas systems. Kristen provides clients with expert consultation regarding fire dynamics, fire testing, gas dispersion, and compliance with industry codes and standards. She is a skilled problem solver and leverages the diverse resources of ESi to solve complex problems.

Prior to joining ESi, Kristen worked at Fiat Chrysler Automobile as an HVAC Controls, Sensors, and Heated Seats Design Release Engineer, where she was responsible for the design, development and production of HVAC controls and sensors for twelve different vehicle lines. She also conducted testing and validation of new software and hardware, managed comfort system issues for program launches, and authored and maintained specifications for design and validation activities. She shows an extensive background in engineering design, testing and validation, with specialized expertise in HVAC systems, controls and sensors, and fire protection systems. Kristen is also a strong project manager with a passion for problem-solving and experience in all phases of the product development lifecycle. She is a creative thinker and has a proven ability to find and implement innovative solutions to engineering issues.

Kristen is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Texas.

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