Graham Parkinson

Graham Parkinson, Ph.D.

Senior Staff Consultant

Dr. Graham Parkinson is a Senior Staff Consultant in the Polymer, Composite, and Non-metallic Materials Practice at ESi. Dr. Parkinson specializes in conducting failure analysis and materials characterization investigations related to the performance of polymeric materials in plastic products from diverse industries. He provides technical consulting services to clients in the scientific and engineering industry as well as the insurance and litigation spaces. He has led numerous forensic investigations of component failures as well as failure of industrial systems to attribute the root-cause of failure to either material selection, processing, or part design. His expertise includes understanding of different material degradation mechanisms, different failure modes, and structure-property relationship of plastic materials.


In addition to working on polymers, he also applied materials science and engineering principles in investigations of the performance of concrete, glasses, ceramics, and both ferrous and non-ferrous metallic products. Dr. Parkinson’s experience in materials science and engineering as well as chemical engineering leads to seamless project execution across multidisciplinary teams when performing complex failure analysis.


  • Detection of a Polypeptide Conformation Transition in Solution via Sound Velocity, Macromolecules, January 2020

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