Sean P. Dudley

Sean P. Dudley, Ph.D.

Senior Staff Consultant

Sean Dudley is a forensics expert, specializing in polymers/plastics. He has investigated a wide array of failures including large-scale construction defects to minor loss claims. He uses his knowledge of metallurgy, materials characterization, and environmental and chemical processing in conducting investigations, process systems evaluation, and material failure analysis. Dr. Dudley's industry and research background include polymer identification and failure analysis, petroleum systems analysis, energy research initiatives, biological and chemical treatment systems, safety compliance auditing, mining and environmental compliance, and construction defect root cause analysis.  He is well-versed in field investigations and laboratory testing. 



  • Formation of Long-Range Rare Earth Element Complexes Via Ligand Interaction in CIX / PIX Resins, Doctoral Dissertation, December 2021
  • Recovery of Rare Earth Elements, Official Year Report for Army Research Laboratory, July 2015
  • Recovery of Rare Earth Elements, Official Quarterly Reports for Office of Naval Research, January 2013
  • Evaluation of Fly-Ash Based Artificial Zeolite Formation as Treatment for Salt-Laden Process Water from Eastern Montana Coal Operations, Master’s Thesis, May 2011

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