Peggy A. Shibata

Peggy A. Shibata, M.S., P.E.

Senior Consultant

Ms. Shibata is a Senior Consultant at ESi and offers a broad range of specialization in mechanical engineering and biomechanics. In particular, she possesses an understanding of how biomechanics can be a crucial consideration in claims and legal matters, as well as how biomechanics can be interrelated with other engineering disciplines. She is thorough and detail-oriented, is committed to providing sound technical expertise, and is dedicated to delivering a well-communicated product to ESi’s clients.

Ms. Shibata has expertise in the reconstruction of a wide range of accidents that have involved all types of vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Relevant human factors topics such as perception reaction time, available visual field of view, and night-time visibility have been critical elements of reconstructions. She has special knowledge of the standard method and established limits related to the dynamic characterization of roller coasters and has been directly involved in the field testing of multiple roller coasters around the country. Her experience lends itself to a greater appreciation of the general kinematic relationship between an occupant and a given mode of transport.

Ms. Shibata’s knowledge of rigid body dynamics, in conjunction with human anthropometry and capabilities, has aided in understanding likely accident event and injury sequences and potential contributory aspects. Her use of Injury analyses and established human injury tolerances has enabled her to address the likelihood of a claimed injury being causally related to particular accident specifics. She has provided technical assistance to clients on projects related to recreational activities and equipment, slips and trips, slip resistance, falls from ground level and from heights, and balance and aging. She has been involved in numerous surrogate studies that have aided in the characterization of human capabilities, tendencies, and motions during the performance of specific tasks.


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