Kliah N. Soto Leytan

Kliah N. Soto Leytan, Ph.D.

Staff Consultant

Dr. Kliah Soto Leytan’s expertise is in the fields of materials science, laboratory testing, metallurgy, and materials characterization. Her experience includes testing and characterizing turbine blade materials, as well as investigating the role of feedstock powder characteristics on both the microstructure and mechanical behavior of cold sprayed coatings.

Dr. Soto Leytan has expertise in optical microscopy, metallography, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS). She is also fluent in Spanish.


  • Controlling Splat Boundary Network Evolution Towards the Development of Strong Ductile Cold Sprayed Refractory Metals: The Role of Powder Characteristics, Submitted for review to Materials Science and Engineering, January 2024
  • Investigation of visible light emission from hydrogen-air research flames, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, January 2019

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