Laban M. Marsh

Laban M. Marsh, P.E., CFEI

Senior Consultant

Mr. Laban Marsh specializes in electrical investigations of fires, switchgear and power distribution equipment, battery failures, lightning strikes, and electrical failures. Mr. Marsh also specializes in software design and control process failure analysis. 

Prior to joining ESi, he acquired 33 years of experience in electrical and software product design in the oilfield services industry, especially for MWD/LWD and wireline operations. Mr. Marsh has a strong background in design of communications electronics, control systems, and data acquisition systems for low power, high temperature, and hazardous environments.

He possesses additional experience in digital signal processing, communications software, embedded firmware and application software development. Mr. Marsh is also experienced in developing products for Zone 0 and Class 1, Division 1 hazardous environments. He has an engineering history of challenging system assumptions, promoting continuous product improvement, and performing root-cause failure analysis to provide mission critical solutions. Mr. Marsh holds 16 patents related to the oilfield services industry.

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