Duane L. Cochran

Duane L. Cochran, P.E.

Senior Consultant

Mr. Cochran has over 30 years experience as an electrical engineer designing power distribution systems, standby and prime power generation, mission critical facilities and uninterruptible power supply systems, utility distribution systems, medium voltage designs, and projects at 240,000 volts. He has served in roles as diverse as Engineer of Record, Project Manager, Department Manager, QA/QC, Peer Review, Construction Administration, and Client Relations. He also has two years of hands on experience in Operations and Maintenance.

Mr. Cochran has worked for some of the largest engineering design houses and has consulted for global financial institutions, major telecommunications companies, utilities, fortune 500 corporations, medical institutions, NASA, FAA, Naval Facility Engineering Command, and various military contractors. 

One of Mr. Cochran’s many strengths is the ability to translate the technical nomenclature of advanced engineering concepts into plain English the layman can understand. This ability to “speak to the audience” allows him to comfortably and successfully interact with attorneys, fellow engineers, business executives, code officials, vendors, contractors, maintenance staff, and end users.

Regardless of the market segment or role filled, the common theme to Mr. Cochran’s career is a passion for power. Starting with his formal education which included a core curriculum in Power Applications, his career is filled with high profile projects including high voltage power systems, generation / distribution of bulk power, and utilization / consumption of that power. Whether negotiating a 240 kV service entrance in Mexico City, or testing innovative equipment in Belgium, he brings this passion to all of his work.

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