Nathaniel D. Landsperger

Nathaniel D. Landsperger, P.E.

Senior Consultant

Mr. Landsperger is a Senior Consultant for Engineering Systems Inc. (ESi). He has over twenty years of consulting experience with the analysis, design and construction of geotechnical, structural, civil, and drainage systems for railroad clients and related railroad projects. He has coordinated and led numerous engineering studies for the inspection, assessment, and repair designs of damaged, distressed or failed rail transportation infrastructure.

Prior to joining ESi, Mr. Landsperger worked for over fourteen years as manager of rail engineering and construction. His workload included multi-disciplinary rail projects involving railroad track bed stabilization, landslide assessment and mitigation, rail line capacity feasibility studies, geotechnical studies, stormwater modeling and management, bridges, tunnels, culverts, retaining walls, passenger stations, marine and port facilities, industrial facilities, mines, intermodal facilities, railyards, and mainline track. Mr. Landsperger is also very familiar with typical rail construction costs for bridges, tunnels, track, drainage systems, as well as specialty applications like slope stabilizations, rockfall mitigations, grouting, and structural underpinning. He has experience working in challenging geotechnical conditions such as landslide-prone regions, rockfall hazard areas, coastal and/or riverine settings, karst (sinkhole) topographies, and on swamp/soft ground soil deposits. Mr. Landsperger has been involved in railroad emergency response engineering related to derailments, landslides, rockfalls, sinkholes, washouts, flooding, bridge and tunnel distress/failures, drainage culvert distress/failures and has informed clients of safe, practical, and effective means to restore rail damaged infrastructure to a safe operating condition.

In addition, Mr. Landsperger has authored several engineering standards used by Class 1 railroads and has provided peer review analysis of construction plans and documents for bridges, tunnels, drainage systems, retaining walls, and civil earthworks to assess for feasibility, fatal flaws, and construction-related schedule or cost risks. Mr. Landsperger has performed peer review analysis of construction contractor work plan submittals for heavy crane lifts, pile driving and/or blasting vibration assessment, monitoring, and mitigation from pile driving and/or rock blasting, temporary shoring design, soft and hard ground tunneling, pipe jacking/boring, settlement predictions and monitoring, and job hazard analysis. He has provided forensic analysis related to damages caused by blasting or pile driving vibrations, shoring system failures, drainage, temporary or uncontrolled earthworks. Mr. Landsperger has also led engineering due diligence reviews to support and educate potential investors in evaluating the overall short and long-term risks with purchasing and operating railroad lines. In addition to track infrastructure, these due diligence reviews also included reviews of inspection and maintenance practices, safety practices, equipment and rolling stock management, and operating practices.  

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