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WEBINAR: Exploiting Physical, Mechanical, and Chemical Properties to Identify Contaminants

Overview:  Contamination—we've all seen it in some form. In this presentation, we will explore various methods of identifying contaminants and their sources. Identification of contaminants may require various types of analysis, from human senses to instrumentation. The goal is to exploit the physical, mechanical, and chemical properties of the contaminant and the material it is contaminating in order to separate and identify it. Along the way, related topics such as non-destructive testing and options due to limited sample size will be covered.  Case studies will range from contaminants introduced in manufacturing, improper maintenance, and vandalism.

InstructorMark Weiss is a highly skilled laboratory chemist with over 22 years of experience in materials analysis and characterization, and failure analysis. He is exceptionally experienced in the investigation of issues involving the physical and chemical properties of polymers and other organic materials, and the effects of processing, contamination, and lot-to-lot variation on material performance.  Mark is a member of the American Chemical Society and on the board of directors of ASM International, Minnesota Chapter.    

Registration is complimentary for all to attend.


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