Mark E. Weiss

Mark E. Weiss

Senior Staff Consultant

Mark is a highly skilled laboratory chemist with over 25 years of experience in materials analysis and characterization and failure analysis. He is exceptionally experienced and skilled in the investigation of issues involving the physical and chemical properties of polymers and other organic materials, and the effects of processing, contamination and lot-to-lot variation on material performance. His expertise includes materials characterization by FTIR, RV, VN, MFR, GPC, DSC, TGA, KFT and microstructural analysis by scanning electron and optical microscopy techniques. Mark has a strong analytical, mechanical and engineering aptitude with exceptional skills in test method and instrumentation selection and usage. Mark has an excellent reputation with clients as a results-focused and highly competent and knowledgeable scientific professional.


  • FTIR Imaging via FPA in the Characterization of Polymers, IMAT 2022, September 2023
  • FTIR Imaging via FPA in the Characterization of Polymer Oxidation, ASM Minnesota Symposium, Brooklyn Park, MN, February 2020
  • Carbonyl Index Depth Profiling via Micro FTIR, MS&T Technical Meeting and Exhibition, Portland, OR, September 2019

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