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Update on ESi's COVID-19 Crisis Response

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Dear ESi Clients and Partners:

As anxiety heightens around the spread of novel Coronavirus infections and the implications for travel and being in public places intensify, we are committed to supporting the critical needs of our communities, clients, and partners.  The preservation of public safety and welfare is paramount to our mission, and at times like these, communication becomes even more important.

At ESi, we are fortunate to have the technology in place to stay connected to our employees and clients and continue operating effectively in this very fluid environment. We have also instituted a business and service continuity plan designed to optimize our availability and ability to deliver services at the highest levels possible through this crisis, including circumstances limiting access to our physical facilities in some communities. Furthermore, we are committed to deploying our capabilities in support of clients who may be experiencing business disruptions.

With that in mind, we wanted to share a few answers to questions we have recently received, which may be relevant as you consider possible impacts to your business and actions to take in response:

  • Most of our offices are currently open and we have staff within driving distance of most locations in the continental U.S. This geographic reach allows us to put highly trained technologists and engineers on the ground quickly, despite current travel risks and restrictions.
  • Our consultants are well-equipped to operate on-the-go and connect with other remote subject matter experts with specific expertise or knowledge. This ensures that our local resources can tap into the best possible expertise to guide their onsite response. If necessary, we can connect you to our onsite team if you are unable to physically visit the site.
  • Our advanced technologies, including laser scanners and drones, allow us to capture, analyze, preserve, and share relevant data with remote stakeholders. We also have full visualization and VR capabilities which can be used to accurately illustrate specific aspects of a loss, and enable collaboration, analysis, and virtual inspections by geographically dispersed teams. Our online tools ensure that we’re able to keep your team informed and engaged throughout the entire process.
  • We are fortunate to benefit from the expertise of in-house staff with training and experience in assessing and addressing risks associated with public health threats. If you have concerns about how to coordinate your actions in the current environment, we can provide resources to help guide your decision-making.

Based on the preventative measures we’ve taken, the guidance we continue to receive, and our general state of preparedness, we are not anticipating any interruptions to our ability to serve you. Rest assured, we are keeping our organization in a proactive posture until the situation stabilizes globally and will let you know promptly if anything changes. In the meantime, we are thinking and working creatively to help our clients navigate these uncharted waters and address current and potential impacts.

Our hearts go out to all who have been affected by this crisis. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


Michael E. Stevenson, Ph.D., P.E.
CEO and Principal

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